Coffee Corner 歡迎你!





Do you smell the coffee spread their fragrance far and wide during grinding?  Do you smell the aroma when the ground coffee is being extracted? Would you care to spend a little more time to enjoy and taste our fresh roasted specialty coffee?

We are not just for coffee fanatic and do such a role, our strong idea is to give consumers readily enjoy freshly roasted, fragrant gourmet coffee, as well as to provide a differentiated services, in order to make such a casual habit depth to the hearts of everyone. 

If you really tasted the fresh roasted coffee before, you should aware that, aromatic flavor will be lost if coffee was put overtime. Or a longer time the coffee was roasted, the aroma and flavor will be faded. If you are a coffee lover, how would you choose the coffee beans? How do you use your grinder? How do you control the coffee's "freshness"?




1. 2010' - HUKY500  Mini Hand-made Home Coffee Roaster

2. 2011' - Global Vision - Nicaragua Green Bean Exporter

3. 2011' - JYR Commercial Coffee Roaster 

4. 2015' - YAMA Glass (Taiwan) 

5. 2016' - IOC Mini Electricity Sample Roasters - IOC302/500 Series

6. 2017' - Time More ( 泰摩咖啡慢生活) 




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